Carnival Doughnuts / Faschingskrapfen

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6 yolks
100 g of melted butter
35 g of yeast of 1 bad of dried yeast
50 g of sugar
500 mL of warm milk
500 g of flour
1 pitch of salt
apricot jam, mixed with a dash of rum
icing sugar

What Faschingskrapfen are

This Austrian-style doughnut is called "Carnival Doughnut" (Faschingskrapfen) because it is most commonly eaten during the carnival season in February. Similar doughnuts were known to the Romans, who called them "globuli" ("little balls"), dipped them in honey and poppy seeds. The Faschingskrapfen were introduced to Austria in the 17th century, supposedly "invented" by a legendary confectionary named Cäcilia Craph.

The Vienna Congress was not only the origin of the city′s obsession with balls, but also responsible for eliminating 10 Million Faschingskrapfen doughnuts in 1814/1815. Back in these days, it was a custom for a couple to share a Faschingskrapfen that the girl would break into halves upon the occasion of publicly announcing their engagement.

How to prepare Faschingskrapfen

Mix the yolks, butter, yeast, sugar and milk with the flour and let the dough sit in a warm place for about 30 minutes. Mix it and let it sit again until its volume has doubled. Then make about 20 little balls from it, which you should flatten slightly. Cover them with a kitchen towel and let them sit for another 30 minutes in a warm place.

Heat the oil in a pot and bake the Krapfen on both sides. Take them out and let the excessive oil run off. Mix the apricot jam with rum and use one of these fancy filling tools with a beak to inject the jam into the baked doughnuts. Then cover them generously with icing sugar.


Anonymous said...

This sounds good: can you still make it if you don't have an icing tool?

Reisemobil Mädl said...

It is definitely easier to have a pastry bag with a tip to insert the jam into the Krapfen. They are normally not that expensive and a great investment if you are into cooking especially baking.

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