Gröstel (Groestel, Gröst'l or Groest'l)

I found this recipe on It was submitted Santa Ynez Valley Che.
Thanks for sharing! :)

He wrote a little description to the dish:

The Austrian Farmhouse answer for leftovers, this dish is served in Huttes all over Austria and is a Family Favorite here! You can add any sausage you may have laying around as well.



* 4-5 medium potatoes
* 1 yellow onion
* 3 slices italian ham
* 1 lb fusilli
* 4 eggs
* salt
* pepper
* 5 tablespoons butter


1.Dice and boil potatoes.
2.Fry onions in 4 Tbs butter.
3.Slice ham (or speck if you can find it) into strips and cook with potatoes (add more butter if needed).
4.Boil pasta in separate pot.
5.Drain pasta.
6.Add pasta to potatoe/onion/ham and cook together for a couple minutes.
7.Salt and Pepper to taste.
8.Fry an egg to top each serving of Gröstel.


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