Austrian Party

It has been a while since I had the chance to cook some traditional viennese meals but on this Friday I have a big challenge. My partner and I are planning a party with 30 guests..yes, you heard right. My first thought was..what can I cook to satisfy all guests? So I decided on these dishes..Gulasch, Kaiserschmarrn and Applestrudel...and we will also have some austrian beer and mulled mine. I hope I made a good choice but I guess we'll see on Friday. I will also post some photos ;)

My question to you is..What do you normally cook for guests? Is there a traditional viennese dish that you like to cook for your friends? There is still time til Friday so maybe you can give me a few tips..highly appreciated!!! :)

I also had a test run to see how my cooking skills are and voila is my Kaiserschmarrn ;)

and my Applestrudel..and yes I am a little bit nervous when I think of I have to prepare

Til next time!


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